• Chirag Kabrawala

Christmas Comes Early for Two Members of the Bronner's Christmas Wonderland Family.

To my readers from Michigan, Bronner's Christmas Wonderland may invoke feelings of nostalgia - annual family trips to visit the "World's Largest Christmas Store;" to those unfamiliar, Bronner's is more than just the sum of its parts - its a larger than life retail center that spills over into its surroundings in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and welcomes over 2 million visitors a year.

On August 13, 2020, Christmas came early for 2 members of the Bronner's family. Maria Bronner-Sutorik, daughter of founder Wally Bronner, and her husband, Christopher Sutorik, purchased the home at 10325 Los Feliz Drive, Orlando, Florida 32836, which is located in the famed Golden Oak community, the upscale residential community within the Walt Disney World Resort. (Photos of the home were not available as of the publication of this blog post).

The Bronner-Sutorik's purchased the home from the builder, Cahill Homes, for an estimated $4,700,000.00. Cahill Homes acquired the property in 2017, which consists of 0.46 acres, for $932,200.00.

If you'd like to celebrate Christmas year-around, the home (under construction) next door to the subject property is available for $5,182,000.00: https://www.disneygoldenoak.com/home-availability/motunui/

In the event the new owners of the subject property are readers of this Blog, please be advised that Disney's restrictive covenants associated with your home prevent the display of religious or holiday signs, symbols, and decorations, unless they are of (i) reasonable size and scope, (ii) not be installed prior to 30 days prior to the first day of the official religious celebration or holiday and shall be removed no later than 10 days after the last day of such official religious celebration or holiday, (iii) not make sounds or other audible noises or emit excessive light that constitute a nuisance (iv) do not contain moving pieces or parts that constitute a nuisance, and (v) be tastefully installed and maintained (see Declaration of Covenants, etc., in Orange County Book 10107, Page 6888).

I, for one, welcome my new neighbors. If things do not work our for Maria and Christopher in Golden Oak, may I suggest something that may be more familiar - like Christmas, Florida?

Chirag B. Kabrawala, Esq.



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