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Brazilian Investor Sells Entire UCF-Area Condominium Portfolio to Washington D.C.-based Investor.

Akra Management LLC, a Florida limited liability company whose managers, Mario Lebl and Andre Lebl are based in Capivari, Brazil, sold its entire interest in 22 separate condominium units located in the Waterford Landing Condominium community to RB Waterford Landing LLC.

The principals of RB Waterford Landing LLC are veteran real-estate developers associated with the Brook Rose Development firm based in Washington D.C.

The estimated calculated purchase and sale price is $1,747,143.00, or $79,415.59 per condominium unit. According to public records, the sale closed on August 25, 2020 (although the record thereof was only available to the author today).

Akra Management LLC acquired the condominium units last February 2010, for $825,000.00 ($37,500.00 per unit).

The 22 units are located across 5 buildings at 2550 North Alafaya Trail, Orlando, Florida 32826.

The purchase was financed by Miami's International Finance Bank, which loaned a calculated $1,320,000.00 to the buyer.

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